ethique LDAPNThe Kimberley Process
The company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS commits itself to respect high moral codes guaranteeing integrity, accountability, and in conformity with current regulations. The features of the products we sell are all disclosed accurately and in their entirety.
The diamonds come from various worldwide sources. For many years, the international community has been concerned with the link likely to exist between the trade of certain diamonds in the rough and the financing of armed conflicts, particularly in Angola, Sierra Leone and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
As a responsible and law-abiding company, we actively wish to promote global measures as far as « conflict diamonds » are concerned. Therefore we only buy from reputed and established suppliers, who are themselves committed to NOT supply ANY « war diamonds »
This criterion is one of the selection points of our suppliers. Adherence to these principles is covered by what has been named the « Kimberley Process ». In no case do we tolerate the use of forced, indebted, or captive labour.
We are against any kind of discrimination, whether it is based on ethnic origins, religion, sex, cast or handicap.

Crafted products are authenticated by a registered « master jeweller » hallmark
All our collections at LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS are stamped with the master jeweller and state hallmark. They are hand-made and finished by our jewellers. We also produce bespoke pieces of jewellery.
The state hallmark implies that the pieces are marked and that the different metal contents are certified while showing that it is indeed our company who has produced them. It also contributes to highlight the whole competency chain from the design stage all the way to the promotion of jewels.

Controlled precious metals, pearls and gems
Every piece we offer is designed using 18 carat gold, whether pink or white. The pearls and gems we use are real pearls and gemstones from natural culture.

The nature and authenticity of the described gems are guaranteed by the company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS, and the reputed professionalism of its suppliers.
Each stone is defined by a description outlined by diamond dealers according to the international « 4C » criterion: Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut (weight in carats, colour, purity and size of the diamond)

LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS only uses high-end diamonds for its collections, with colour between white colourless F and near colourless G, and clarity set between the VVS1 and the VS1 marks.

Certificates of authenticity
For each bought piece of jewellery, we supply on request a certificate of authenticity for the materials and gems used. The description is established according to the information given by our diamond dealers and gem cutters (weight, clarity index, colour index).
Please note that in our field, a certificate is never delivered for gems under 1 carat, unless it has been requested, and it is at the customer’s expense.
Please note that in the case of any return or exchange, the presentation of the certificate of authenticity will be required.