The following general terms and conditions of sale are concluded on the one hand by the company LAMAÏ, SAS of which the head office is located at 3 rue Saint Gilles, 75003 Paris (telephone : +33 (1 )42710016), registered with the Bobigny  commercial court under the number : 812 961 340 R.C.S Bobigny in the direct exploitation of the « LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS » trading name hereinafter referred to as « the vendor » and on the other hand, any natural or legal person wishing to place a pre-order of a piece of jewellery seen on the website showcase , referred to hereinafter as « the purchaser ».


The present general terms and conditions of sale aim to define the contractual relationships between the vendor and the purchaser and the conditions applicable to any purchase done by way of the website showcase« ». The pre-orders carried out by way of the website are reserved to individuals. The resale or distribution of products bought on the « »website is prohibited.
The company « LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS » reserves the right not to respond favourably to orders which are non-compliant with its commercial policy.

The purchase of goods or services by way of the aforementionned website involves unconditional acceptance by the purchaser of the present terms and conditions of sale.These terms and conditions of sale will prevail over any other general or particular conditions which have not been specifically approved by the vendor.
The vendor reserves the right to modify his terms and conditions of sale at any given time. In which case, the conditions applicable will be the ones in effect at the date of the order placed by the purchaser.


The goods and services provided are the ones which are featured in the catalogue published on the « » website of the vendor. The « Collector » designs are offered within a limit of the number specified next to them. Each item of the « Collectors » collection is numbered, from 1 to 150 copies,  depending on the design, guaranteeing its uniqueness. Creations are available within a maximum period of 4 to 6 weeks from the placement of the order to the day of postage. This deadline does not take into account the time it takes for the delivery of the goods. However, it can happen that the production deadline is shortened. In which case, LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS will be very happy to inform you by email or over the phone.
To obtain details about the deadline, or for any other question specifically regarding special orders, it is advised to submit a request by email to : « » or to give us a call on  +33 (1 )42710016).

Special and bespoke orders: the customer will not be able to change his mind after a 48h notice following the validation of his order form. The order form or quote will either be given to you by hand-delivery, sent to you by post and/or to your email address, and willl have to be sent back to us by post along with your signature and the date of validation.
Any refusal of these conditions annuls the request implying the creation or the making of the bespoke piece.

The pictures, drawings or photographs in the catalogue are accurate as possible but cannot guarantee the absolute likeness to the delivered pieces of jewellery. As all the designs are handcrafted, the gems and natural pearls which by nature are never identical, slight differences with the picture, the drawing or the photograph may occur. The same applies to the colours of the metal.

We put the greatest care in the handling of your order, and hope that you will find your piece or jewellery even more beautiful than in the pictures, drawings or photographs featured in the catalogue


For most gold necklaces, bracelets or rings, resizing and fitting is possible and feasible once the quote has been approved. The postage fees there and back are at the customer’s expense.


The prices which are featured in the catalogue are inclusive of value added tax (VAT) and in euros, taking account of the value added tax (VAT) applicable at the time of the order. Any changes in the rate could impact the prices of products.  All orders can be paid for in Euros or in Dollars, at the current market value.
Due to gold or diamond price evolutions, the company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS reserves the right to alter its prices at any given time, however acknowledging that the prices featured on the website on the day the order is placed will be the only ones applicable to the purchaser.
Indicated prices do not include: the order processing fees, transport, delivery, or the taxes liable for payment for countries outside the EU.


The online pre-ordering of products featured on the website is open to international customers.


The website enables you to pre-order a selection of products from the brand LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS from the company S.A.S LAMAÏ.
It is compulsory for the purchaser wishing to buy an item or a service to:

  • Fill-in the identification form in which he will specify all the contact details required.
  • Complete his pre-order once it has been duly checked.

The creator of LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS will then contact the purchaser to confirm the order or declare it null, make an appointment if necessary, and specify the delivery method.
Once the order has been finalised, the customer will be notified of the transport and delivery fees which will be calculated according to the weight, the destination, according to the postal price scale in effect for delivery by way of Colissimo parcels, Chronopost as well as UPS or FEDEX.

Please refer to the « delivery » section.
The company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS will confirm the registered order and the delivery schedule by email.

All the informations supplied as well as the registered payment will constitute proof of the business transaction. The payment validation implies the signature and agreement of the operations carried out.

For any special orders, please get in touch with us by email to: .


In compliance with the ART. L121-20 from the Consumer Code, the purchasers, non professional natural persons, are granted the right to withdraw their order within a period of 7 clear days from the day the product has been received, without having to  justify any reasons or pay any penalty, except return costs and declared value which will be at the purchaser’s expense.
In the case of a refund, this will be done by bank transfer within a maximum of 15 days on the condition that the goods have been returned along with the purchaser’s bank details.

The vendor reserves the right to deduct any possible bank commissions debited according to the payment method used and the currency exchange rate.
The company «LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS » reserves the right to decline full or partial refund if the piece of jewellery subject to cancellation is not returned in its original state, damaged or incomplete.

The fine Jewelry line, price range up to €1,500, is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase. The Collector jewelry line, price range above €1,500, is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty does not apply in the event of mistreatment or misuse of the jewelry.

In order to be refunded, the products must be returned in perfect condition for resale, in their original packaging.
Damaged goods will not be subject to any refund or exchange.

The website does not allow any special orders consisting for instance, of the creation of an item which doesn’t exists, or no longer exists in the « LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS » collections, or in the adaptation or the personnalisation of an item from the « LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS » collections, and in the making of the latter.

The present general conditions and terms of sale (GTCS) therefore do not apply to special or bespoke orders. Any special or bespoke order of jewels which are not featured on the website and thus requiring personalised creation, as well as specific production from the creator, will not be reimbursed.

Any complaint, request for exchange or refund must be done by email : .
For optimum security, all returns must be carried out with declared value.
The company will in no case be liable for any loss in the post.
The address for the returns of goods is as follows : S.A.S LAMAÏ, 3 rue Saint Gilles, 75003 Paris,  FRANCE.


As each piece of jewellery is a unique, the making and the search for gems which will go into the production of the ordered piece will start as soon as the vendor’s bank has duly confirmed the receipt, whatever the method of payment.

The price is payable in full, in one instalment, at the placing of the order.
The payment of the order implies the acceptance of the present terms and conditions of sale, acknowledging the full understanding of them, and the renunciation to claim one’s own sales conditions or any other conditions.

There are 2 payment options for the purchaser:

  • Payment by bank transfer: the transfer will be adressed and payable to « S.A.S  LAMAÏ » in order for the purchaser as well as the vendor to be protected from any type of fraud. Bank details will be given once the pre-order form featured on the website, and implemented by the purchaser, has been returned.
  • Payment by cheque (French cheques only) : the cheque will be made payable to     « S.A.S  LAMAÏ » to the following address : 3 rue Saint Gilles, 75003 Paris, FRANCE. The cheque will be cashed-in upon receipt.
    A paper invoice will be sent to the purchaser on request.

The payment of the order implies the acceptance of the present general terms and conditions of sale (GTCS), acknowledging the full understanding of them, and the renunciation to claim one’s own sales conditions or any other conditions.

For further information, please refer to the GTCS


2 possible options for the delivery of jewels pre-ordered on the website « »:

  • If you wish to collect your piece of jewellery at our workshop/showroom, 3 rue Saint Gilles, 75003 Paris, we would be very happy to welcome you. Make sure you have made an appointment prior to your visit and please bring your ID with you.
  • If you wish to have the goods delivered, please note that they will be sent to the address featured on the order form. You commit to submitting your complete address while placing the order, including the additional information required for a smooth implementation of national or international deliveries. For security reasons, please note that we do not accept any deliveries to PO Box addresses.

Your order is made specifically for you, according to your finger size and wishes.
Each piece is unique and crafted with the greatest care.
This will require a production and delivery deadline of 6 to 8 weeks at the most.
If your order happens to be ready before the expected deadline, we’ll be happy to advise you.
Considering the value of the creations from the company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS, we have opted for postage under Declared Value, which will grant you maximum security. However, if you prefer another way of delivery, thank you for advising us and we will be happpy to follow your instructions.

Together we will define a method of delivery which suits you and your residency location most, as well as the delivery time you request (by Regular post, Colissimo parcel, Chronopost, UPS, DHL or FEDEX).

The company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS will inform the purchaser by email or over the phone. This message will be a summary of items sent, the address of delivery, the date of dispatch as well as the delivery method you will have chosen beforehand (it often comes with a traceability number). The delivery time will be given for information purposes only.
We will keep you informed of any delivery delay we would happen to know about.

The risks are at the purchaser’s expense from the moment the products have left the premices of « LADUCHESSEAUXPIEDSNUS ». In case of any damage during the transport of the goods, a well-grounded objection must be raised to the transporter within a 3-day limit from the delivery date.

The company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS commits to dealing with your order and sending it in the most secured way possible. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.
The declared value: (source: La Poste) is a service which provides a secured method of delivery of documents and objects of value.  It gives you: the proof  that the goods have been deposited, a delivery against the adressee’s signature and the reimbursement of the declared value in case of loss or damage, from € 600 and within a limit of € 5 000.

Postage fees vary according to the delivery method used, to the value of the goods sent, and to the country of destination. These are at the customers’ expense, and will be added to the amount payable of his order.

FOR INFORMATION (the exact price will be the one directly given to the customer before the goods are dispatched, please refer to the « order » section).

  • Delivery within Paris itself: we suggest a secured delivery method, using a courier (the exact price will be directly given to the customer before the goods are dispatched).
  • Delivery in mainland France outside of Paris: the deadline varies, from 3 to 5 working days, postage cost estimated at € 50, declared value.
  • Delivery within the EU: the deadline varies, from 4 to 7 working days for countries with an asterisk *, postage cost estimated at € 50 or € 80,  declared value.

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus*, Croatia*, Denmark, Spain, Estonia*, Finland, Greece, Hungary*, Ireland, Italy, Latvia*, Lithuania*, Luxembourg, Malta*, Holland, Poland*, Portugal, Czech Republic*, Romania*, United Kingdom, Slovakia*, Slovenia*, Sweden

Delivery outside the EU and to the French Overseas Departments & Territories: on the invoice, the price will be calculated excluding VAT. Postage costs estimated at 70 € (urgent delivery within 48 hrs), declared value.

Delivery in countries other than the ones listed will be exclusively done by UPS, DHL or FedEx and the cost of transport will be calculated according to the destination : The Americas estimated at € 90, Asian-Pacific zone, the Middle-East and Australia : estimated at € 100.

*Please note that the delivery deadline will vary according to the destinations.
*Insurance : all our deliveries are insured to the value of the piece or pieces of jewellery, regardless of the transporter.

Customs duties, local taxes, import duties or State taxes are likely to be requested by the transporter who will deliver your order. These duties and amounts will be at your expense and under you full responsability. Please contact the custom authorities of your country in order to be sure of the amount you will need to pay during the transit for the delivery to be carried-out in the best possible conditions.


Any delivery defect or delay beyond 8 working days must be reported to our customer service as soon as possible : .

We shall not take into account any claim expressed beyond a 15 calendar-day period from the date your order has been validated. You will need to check, at the delivery time, that the goods are in compliance with your order.
In case of any visible anomaly (open parcel, damaged goods etc.) you must indicate it on the delivery slip and contact customer service by email or phone. The vendor will in no way be liable for the loss of goods in the post.


The transfer of ownership of the goods takes place from the moment the price has been paid in total. The transfer of risks on products is done at their delivery.


Products on offer are in compliance with French legislations in effect.
It will be up to you to check with the local authorities what the options are regarding importing or using products or services you are thinking of ordering.

The vendor is subject only to an obligation of means.
He will not be liable for any damage resulting in the use of the Internet network, such as any oss of data, intrusions, viruses, service breakdowns, or any other unintended problems.

The company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS cannot be held responsible for not concluding the contract if raw material happened to be out of stock, if the product is unavailable, in case of emergency, disruption, flooding, fire, or strikes, notably of postal services and means of transport and communication.
The company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages due to the forementionned risks.


Each and every design of the company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS is patented at the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) with the date of their creation. They are registered and numbered in the archives of the company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS.
The texts, commentaries, illustrations and pictures featured on the website are protected by copyright law as well as intellectual property law, worldwide.

The pictures, illustrations and photographs featured in the catalogue are as true to reality as possible, but cannot always guarantee the absolute resemblance to the delivered pieces of jewellery. As our jewels are handcrafted, we hope you will find them even more beautiful.

All the elements featured in the website are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of S.A.S LAMAÏ. No one is entitled to reproduce, exploit, re-release, or use in any way possible, even partly, any elements of the website whether software, visual or audio. Any direct link or hypertext link, any other usage is punished on the ground of, and in compliance with the code of Intellectual Property unless it has been previously allowed by S.A.S LAMAÏ. All rights reserved.


The company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS will archive all order forms and invoices on a long lasting and durable backup media, thus establishing an accurate copy in compliance with the provisions from the article 1348 of the Civil Code. The computerised records of the vendor will be considered by both parties as proof of communication, order, payment and transaction that have taken place between both parties.


The present general terms and conditions of sale (GTCS) are subject to French laws. In case of litigation, jurisdiction is allocated to the Paris competent courts of
Jurisdiction, notwithstanding plurality of defendants or call in guarantee.

Concerning the obligation, as from January 1st 2016, for any professional to offer its consumer clients a procedure of free mediation available by post or online, thank you for contacting us by email: , or by regular mail: S.A.S LAMAÏ, 3 rue Saint Gilles, 75003 Paris -FRANCE.


The company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS commits itself to not disclose to a third party any of the information you have supplied. These will remain confidential. They will only be used by our inhouse services for the treatment of your order, to reinforce and personnalise our communication, for example for the newletters to which you will have subscribed, as well as concerning the personalisation of the website according to your center of interests.

Consequently and in compliance with the law on Computing and Freedom of January 6th 1978, you have the right of access, rectification, or opposition to any personnal data about you. In order to do so, just send us a request by email to:


The general terms and conditons of sale (GTCS) are regularly altered, particularly as possible prescriptive and regulation changes might occur. The new general terms and conditons of sale (GTCS) will be put into practice from the date of their release on our website