To welcome you as it should be, we have found a magical workshop/showroom, in the heart of the Marais district. This place allows you to try the collections, to see the creation studio, the moodboards of the creative studio, but also the jeweler working at the ankle, to participate in the realization of your special order and to discover many other beautiful jewels. .

We are delighted to welcome you in the Marais, at 3 rue Saint Gilles, 75003 Paris

The spirit of the company is to valorise the originality of its creations and to offer each and every person a unique piece. So no jewels, or precious stones are in stock. They are ordered in limited series and created after the project has been validated by the client. All pieces of jewellery from LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS are unique.

It happens to be one of the specialities of LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS.
The creative studio is ready to help you and will be thrilled to create your very own bespoke piece.
Over a cup of tea or coffee…. Let’s make an appointment to talk about your project. Then we will suppply sketches and original drawings, according to a budget we will have previously defined together. Because each desire is unique, we offer creative solutions and will come up with the piece you have in mind. Please find our address in the « contact » section of our website.

All the prototypes from the company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS are made in our Paris workshop. Once the shapes and design features are defined, the company calls upon French and Paris based workshops only, to perfect your pieces of jewellery. Each piece is finished by hand either by other jewellery craftsmen or in our Paris workshop.

Creations from LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS are made with the most precious materials and gems. Every piece is made of 18 carat gold, composed of 750 thousandths of fine gold, the most widely used alloy in jewellery making.

In our craft, each person masters one of the stages of jewellery making. The company LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS works with the best possible founders,  setters and polishers in order to achieve the quality requirements it wants to offer you.

We suggest different ways to help you find your size. On the website, a link Download the virtual ring-sizer is available. All you need to do is to click on this link and follow the instructions to find out what your correct ring size is.

Sizes are given in French but you will also find an international size chart with corresponding sizes. This virtual ring-sizer and chart are only given as a guide.
We can also send you a multi size ring-sizer once you have confirmed and validated you order by email.
We will be only to happy to welcome you in our future workshop/showroom

All our expertise is put at your service. For any size alteration of your piece of jewellery, please get in touch with us by email or in the contact section of our website.

LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS’s know-how guarantees exceptional quality and finish. However it can happen that a piece of jewellery worn every single day, may shows signs of wear and tear, as it is part of our daily rhythm of life (knocks, contact with other pieces of jewellery, etc.)

The grandparents of the creator who were themselves jewellery-makers had passed on their secrets to her: simply clean you jewellery with soap and water. Today, nothing has changed:

1.To clean your piece of jewellery, gently rub it with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water, then carefully rinse it and dry it with a soft cloth. That way, the piece of jewellery will get its sheen back,  yet without getting damaged.

It is important not to use this cleaning process for pearls and emeralds, as they could be damaged by anything other than pure water. Therefore we recommend you entrust our workshop with their cleaning.

2.Cleaning pieces that have diamonds or pearls: a specific cleaning process is required.

It is advised to care for pearls in a particular way, as they are a living matter, very sensitive to any chemical substances. For this reason, and for the pearl not to lose its lustre, make sure you don’t put it in contact with any cosmetic products likely to alter it (perfume, sun lotion etc.). Store your pearls separately.
Diamonds are gems of exceptional hardness. As experienced people do, avoid storing a piece set with diamonds with other pieces of jewellery as these could scratch or damage them.

For each piece of jewellery bought, we supply on request a certificate of authenticity for the gems and materials used. Its description is done according to the information given to us by our diamond dealers and gem cutters (weight, clarity index, colour index). Please note that in our craft, a certificate is never delivered for a gem under a cart, unless it has been requested, this being at the client’s expense. Please note that in the case of any exchange or return, presenting the certificate will be required.

At LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS we wish to maintain a discreet and privileged relationship with our clients. Therefore we only use bank transfers, whether national or international.
Following our initial contact either by email or over the phone,
LA DUCHESSE AUX PIEDS NUS will inform you about the procedure for the validation of your order and the delivery deadlines. In this way, optimal security is guaranteed.

All your purchase transactions will be held in strict confidentiality, in other words : your bank details will not be circulating « in the clear » on internet and will never land on our website. A secure mode of payment that will protect you from any kind of fraud or risk. If you have any other questions about payment terms, please get in touch with us; we will be glad to answer any of your questions between 10: 30 am and 6: 30 pm from Monday to Friday, except on bank holidays. You will find all the necessary information in the contact section of our website.